Use case

Calculation and optimisation of the ecological footprint

Target groups

  • Conventional farming
  • Organic farming
  • Retail
  • Public authorities


Information about the ecological footprint (CO2 equivalents, nitrate, water) of products over their entire life cycle is becoming increasingly important. Retailers use this information, for instance, for marketing to highlight the environmental compatibility of certain products.

Politics mandates the reduction of CO2 emissions in agriculture and exceeding emission limits is increasingly critically evaluated. In addition, information on the ecological footprint is used as the basis for awarding grants and farmers are increasingly requested to provide this information. Farm/IT enables the calculation and optimisation of the ecological footprint of water, nitrate and CO2 for a crop, a crop rotation or the entire farm.



What is the ecological footprint of a particular crop, crop rotation, field, farm or region?



What effects does a change in management, such as crop rotation or fertilisation, have on the ecological footprint?



How can the footprint be reduced?

Screenshots of Farm/IT

FARM/IT can be used with any actual web-browser. After entering some basic data, you can optimize individual agricultural scenarios.