Use Case

Optimising forage quality and yield in grasslands

Target groups

  • Conventional farming
  • Organic farming
  • Teaching and Consulting


The growth, composition and development of high-quality plant stands in grassland systems depend on demand-based fertilisation and the potential productivity of the site in terms of soil, climate and topography. Additional influencing factors are an adapted cutting frequency together with appropriate harvesting dates.

Farm/IT provides a grassland yield and quality model for evaluating the relationship between cutting frequency and harvesting dates. A precise description of the temporal development of forage quality and quantity will be used to evaluate the optimal ratio of these factors and determine optimal cutting dates.



What is the optimal relationship between forage quality (nutrient content, energy and protein concentration, digestibility) and yield?



Which factors have the greatest impact on the development of forage quality and grassland yield?


Point of harvest

What is the optimal harvest time?

Screenshots of Farm/IT

FARM/IT can be used with any actual web-browser. After entering some basic data, you can optimize individual agricultural scenarios.